Yogi Masaharu Naruse

12 years old
Naruse (Akasha giri) spontaneously began to practicing yoga
began to practicing levitation
Eight serial photographs of levitation
First photograph of over one-meter levitation
The last photo of levitation
published "Levitation" written in Japanese

Eight serial photographs correspond to a film's guiding number one to eight. This means they range from the first piece to the eighth piece of the film.

Eight serial photographs of levitation (April, 1983)

Naruse quotes, "This photo is taken in the most relaxed manner. The timing of this photo was just when I sat on 'a very thin air film (layer)' and my waist just started sinking onto it. You may feel how comfortable I am on this air film. This photo left nothing to be desired in regards to levitation. I am sure that it is going to be the last photo of my levitation."

How he levitate?

It is to use instantaneously prana, or vital energy permeating the universe. Place one's conscious on the destination point for floating. According as the amount of consciousness increases, existential reversal takes place and the physical self becomes evacuated. Then, the physical body gets attracted toward the consciousness which has been already shifted to the destination. One can thus levitate.

"Levitation by method of yoga" by Masaharu Naruse
The book describes the method of levitation by yoga in a step-by-step way. By over through this book, readers can understand how he developed his technique of levitation. His work is so natural and spontaneous and appealing that even a non-practitioner of yoga can enjoy reading about it.

The last photo of levitation (April 26, 1990)